Hey — thanks for stopping by. I know that I’m probably writing this for no one, but for the five genuine people and hundreds of click farmers, thanks. This really is just something to help stimulate my mind by talking about something that I am passionate about: technology. While I can’t necessarily afford everything that I will be talking about, I can compile information and average it out.

I’ll try to update this page every week or so — life gets insanely crazy sometimes.

About Me

So, a little bit about myself. I’m founder, owner and CEO of TCD Web Design + Development, a company that is devoted to providing affordable yet stunning webpages to small businesses (side note — yes, this is just a stock theme, I simply don’t have the time to code one at this time). I have always been fascinated by technology, how it works, why it works like it does, why the OEMs and manufacturers overlooked something, etc. I also share that love with cars, too. I grew up in the tech age, so I have always known computers. I was browsing the Web from a very early age. This really is just a side project for me to express my love for all things tech, computers, phones, cars, etc.


So, please take the time to read some of my posts, check out TCD Web, and have a good day. I mean for this to have a very laid-back attitude, so just sit back, relax, and learn up on technology.

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